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The fossils are therefore from the Upper Carboniferous or Pennsylvanian period, which is often called the Coal Age, since much of the worlds coal originates from deposits of organic material laid down during that time. You Might Also Like The Power of One Person to Change the World In fact, Joggins was once mined for its rich coal beds. Fossils were unearthed by miners blasting through its layers of sandstone and shale. The specimens included other millipedes, but no one had seen anything quite like the handful of fossils that were found there last year by guests to the cliffs. Watch these (only distantly related) millipedes glow in the dark. The fossils are likely one to three different species, says Hannibal, who is helping with the analysis. read hereThey will likely fit into the group known as the archipolypods, which means ancient many feet. Members of this group have been found in Illinois, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and beyond. many of the legs of the animals are quite well preserved, their tops are not in good shape.

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