An In-depth Analysis Of No-fuss Strategies Of Inflammation In Toe

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Worldwide interest The lab of professor Mohamed Lamkanfi (VIB-Ghent University) developed an alternative for today’s inadequate diagnosis, efficiently segregating FMF patients from people suffering from other autoinflammatory diseases and healthy individuals. The tool detects changes in the body’s immune reaction to pyrin, a protein that is usually mutated in FMF. Following successful tests on mice, the tool has been validated in 13 patients in collaboration with physicians from Belgium and Italy. Prof. Mohamed Lamkanfi (VIB-Ghent University): “As next steps, we are setting up clinical trials in Belgium for which we are actively seeking volunteers — both FMF patients and people suffering from related inflammatory disorders. trials are funded by, among other parties, the European Research Council and FWO (Research Foundation — Flanders). In addition, labs from the Netherlands and Italy have already expressed interest. We are also exploring possible collaborations with industrial partners in order to make our method available as a diagnostic kit.” Patent application The new tool could be good news for thousands of people with a Mediterranean background. However, in rare cases, FMF also affects other people. Prof. Lamkanfi and his team have expressed the ambition to start the clinical trials as soon as possible.

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